What is the Annual Campaign

Welcome to the YMCA of Callaway County 2020 Annual Campaign! As a 501(c)(3) cause-driven charitable organization, the YMCA of Callaway County is dedicated to nurturing the potential of every child and teen, improving our community’s health and well-being and giving back by providing support to our neighbors.

Everything the Y does is in service of making us better. For some people, these services may not be attainable because of cost. The Y makes sure that these services are available to everyone in the community, regardless of income. From athletics, to programs, to services, to safe spaces, the Y fills gaps where society falls short.

When you donate to the YMCA’s Annual Campaign, you are donating through the Y and directly to members of our community, making it possible for children, families and adults to have access to Y programs that improve their lives. Donations help ensure that Y membership, programs, summer camp and events are accessible to every member in our community, regardless of their ability to pay. They also help ensure that health and wellness programs stay viable, vibrant and strong.

Please join us today in helping advance our cause. For a better you. For a better community. Give for a better us.


RAISES awareness and funds for the Y’s Outreach Program - our financial assistance program

ENABLES the participation of hundreds of children and families in Y membership, programs, wellness initiatives, services and camps at our YMCA

HELPS to provide summer day camps 

ALLOWS the Y to provide financial assistance to those that qualify through the Outreach Program

BROADENS our reach into initiating enriching community wellness and health-enhancing programs such as senior based programming, teen and youth events, FREE family activities