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    Memberships are monthly by EFT/ACH payments or paid annually up front

    Membership Type Monthly Annual Joining Fee*
    Youth (0-18) $19.00 $228.00 $0
    Young Adult (19-23) $22.00 $264.00 $0
    Adult (24-61) $35.00 $420.00 $35.00
    Couple $40.00 $480.00 $40.00
    Single Parent Household $38.00 $456.00 $45.00
    Family/Household $47.00 $564.00 $55.00
    Senior (62+) $22.00 $264.00 $20.00
    Senior Household $29.00 $348.00 $25.00

    *Annual full pay memberships do not pay the joining fee 



    All memberships will be set up with bank account information for EFT/ACH payments.  Current members will need to change payment methods in our system as soon as possible.  This change is due to the increase of processing fees for debit and credit cards.  



    Available to members 18 and older.  With premium membership you have access to Fitness Center, Functional Fitness Room & Multipurpose Gymnasium on holidays, early mornings, late nights, snow days...anytime!

    Your Y Anytime Rates - these are in addition to monthly rates 

    Number of Person Monthly Fee
    1 person on unit $5.00
    2 persons on unit $8.00
    3 or more persons on unit $10.00

    Monthly payments must be made via bank draft. Dues will be deducted from the account of your choice on the 1st of every month.

    Membership Definitions

    Youth: Defined as anyone aged 12-18.

    Young Adult: Defined as anyone aged 19-23.

    Adult: Defined as any individual person 24 years of age or older.

    Couple: Defined as two adults with no dependents that reside in the same household. These may be unrelated persons but may have to show proof of residency.

    Household/Family: Defined as two adults living in the same household along with dependents under the age of 24. Any additional adults in the household such as dependent parents,
    grandparents, or disabled family members will be assessed a fee of $5.00/month/person.

    Single Parent Household: Defined as a household with one adult and dependents under the age of 24.

    Senior Adult: Defined as any individual person 62 years of age or older.

    Senior Household: Defined as two persons, one of whom must be over 62 years of age or older, living in the same household. 


    INSURANCE PROVIDED A low or no cost membership may be available to you through your insurance company. The YMCA of Callaway County is an approved facility for Renew Active/One Pass, Silver & Fit/Active & Fit offered by American Specialty Health, and SilverSneakers/PRIME offered by Tivity Health. You can check with your insuracne plan to see if a fitness benefot is provided or we can help verify eligibility if you stop by the Welcome Desk with your insurance card.

    MILITARY - As a part of the focus on Social Responsibility the YMCA of Callaway County offers a 10% discount on monthly membership fees for Active Military and Veterans. When active military or veterans come to join the YMCA, they receive a 50% discount off the joining fees. As a thank you for your service, the joining fee will be waived 100% on or around these special military holidays:
         ARMED FORCES DAY—Third Saturday in May
         MEMORIAL DAY—Last Monday in May 
         FLAG DAY—June 14th
         VETERANS DAY—November 11th

    CORPORATE PARTNERS - see the complete list of local employers providing membership discounts HERE.


      Day Pass Week Pass Month Pass
    Individual $5.00 $15.00 $35.00
    Family $10.00 $27.00 $51.00


    Contact Melissa Siegel, Membership Director at 573-642-1065 if you have questions.