What does my membership include?

Your membership gives you full access to the fitness center, gymnasiums, functional fitness room, indoor walking track, fitness orientation, Child Watch for household memberships, and most programs with discounted program registration.   

Is there an annual contract to join?

We do not have annual contracts with our members. Membership with the Y runs on an ongoing basis, with automatic monthly withdrawal of dues. If you choose to cancel your membership, we do require completion of the Cancellation Form by the last day of the month.

If I stop coming to the Y, does my membership automatically cancel?

No. Membership dues are not based on usage, so you MUST complete a Cancellation Form in order to cancel your membership. We do not take cancellations over the phone.

How do I attend/sign up for an exercise class?

All Y-Fit classes are included in your membership. No registration is required.  Community members may participate in group exercise classes with the purchase of a day/week/month pass.  

Do you offer child care services while members are working out?

The Y offers Child Watch for members’ children while they are utilizing the facilities. This service is available for children ages 6 weeks thru 8 years. It’s FREE for those with Household Memberships, for those with any other membership type it is $2.00 for two hours. There is a two-hour limit/day. Parents must remain on the Y premises while children are in Child Watch.

Do you have lockers for members to use?

Our YMCA has full service locker rooms. Day use is free to all users of the YMCA. To use a day locker, bring your car keys or personal item to the front desk in exchange for a locker key. When the locker key is returned, your item is also returned to you. Monthly locker rentals are available for a $8.33/month on monthly draft. This would enable a member to keep personal belongings locked in a locker at the branch for an ongoing time period.

How many guests can I bring per year?

Members may bring an unlimited number of guests; however non- members are limited to 1 (one) free visit per calendar year. Guest fee applies when visitors are unaccompanied by a member or exceed 1 (one) visit. 

Will someone show me how to use the equipment?

We offer a complimentary Fitness Orientation. This meeting includes a tour of the facility, demonstration of cardio equipment, and a brief overview of the weight equipment. For an additional fee we also offer a Youth Strength Certification for youth aged 10-14 and Personal Training services.

Can I put my membership on Hold?

Members can put their membership on hold for up to 3 months by completing a HOLD Form and returning it to Member Services. At the end of the hold period, your membership will become active and you will be billed on the next cycle.

Can I visit other Y’s?

Your YMCA membership gets you access to all YMCAs across the Nation. You may visit any Y throughout the country simply let them know that you are visiting and where your home Y (YMCA of Callaway County) is. 

Can I get financial assistance towards membership or programs?

The Y offers Membership for All though its Outreach Program. This scholarship program can help reduce the costs of Y membership or programs. Completion of an Outreach Scholarship application is needed for scholarship consideration. Member Services staff can provide you with an application. 

How am I informed of facility closings?

If the Y is closed due to inclement weather or an emergency, information regarding the closure will be posted on the YMCA of Callaway County website, Facebook page and a text message will be sent to members who use the Y’s free Textcaster App. See the inclement weather policy for guideline on weather closings. For more updates on the Y make sure to connect with us on all social media platforms with the handle @ymcaofcc.

How do I give feedback on the Y?

We welcome your feedback! Comment cards are located in the lobby area of our facility, or feel free to contact any of our administrative staff.