Your Y Anytime - workout when you want

We know you're constantly on the go. That's why the YMCA of Callaway County is pleased to offer our members 18+ convenient 24/7 access year round.

Purchase our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for access to Fitness Center, Functional Fitness Room, and Multipurpose Gymnasium even when the facility is closed. 

  • Members must be age 18+ to apply for a premium membership.
  • 24/7 access is available to YMCA of Callaway County members only. Members must be in good standing with a current billing method on file. 
  • You must sign the Your Y Anytime 24/7 Access Agreement
  • You must purchase a special access key card for $5.00. Replacement cards are $10.00
  • Premium membership fees is in addition to monthly membership fees. Premium membership fees are as follows: Individual (one adult) - $5.00 per month; Couple (two adults) - $8.00 per month; Family (three or more adults) - $10.00 per month. .
  • Nationwide YMCA members may purchase premium access for $15.00 per month automatic autodraft.
  • Members must abide by the YMCA code of conduct listed in the agreement as well as any posted rules.
  • To increase law enforcement traffic, local law enforcement officers who are YOCC members will receive premium membership at no additional charge once the key card is purchased.  This includes MSHP Troopers that reside in Callaway County, Callaway County Sheriff Deputies, and City of Fulton Police Officers.
  • We recommend that you exercise with another 24/7 member when using the facility outside of staffed hours.
  • The YMCA is equipped with a 24-hour video recording system for security purposes. It will be reviewed on a daily basis to address any security concerns and monitor who is entering the building. This system will not protect you from harm in or on the premises so please use caution when entering and exiting the building. 
  • A telephone is available in the fitness center for emergency calls. An AED is located above the member cubicles in the fitness center.
  • Use caution in inclement weather as snow and ice removal will not be enforced until staffed hours, possibly later.
  • When entering and exiting, please make sure the door closes behind you. The 24/7 access entrance is not active during regular business hours.
  • Do not hold the door for anyone. Everyone must use their own key card for access so we can track who is in the building at all times. Key cards may not be shared with anyone. Doing so is a violation of our policy and will result in you permanently losing 24/7 access and a possible termination of membership.
  • The lobby restrooms are available, but no access to the locker rooms. 

Your Y Anytime 24/7 Access Agreement